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One of the UK’s premiere providers of Plastic Wedges, Packers, Shims and the creators of the fantastic Wedgit brand. We are known throughout the industry for providing some of the highest quality tools for millimetre perfect plastic tools and wedges for shimming. With over 15 years’ experience of providing the trade with innovative and high precision materials for anything you could use them for. No matter if it’s stabilising a toilet or some other form of fitting in your home, or aligning a gap between two pieces of timber we have a shim for you.

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Welcome to a window on the world of fine adjustment where we specialise in making millimetres matter. With a compatible system of interlocking plastic wedges, pedestals, plastic packers and hanger-shims or frame packers, we aim to make life simple for the builder or joiner to make accurate adjustments for level and plumb from as little as 1mm. Plastic wedges UK trademarked Wedgit® fulfil a wide range of uses bearing high point loads with long term stability and durability.

Our plastic packers, wedges, shims and wedgits have been designed with helping you make any job the perfect job in mind. Helping to fill spaces during the installation of windows, doors and even usable in the plumbing process to help stabilise your toilet. Sturdy, and well built, we even have our own range of shims and wedges, the Wedgit. Designed with you in mind no matter if you’re a joiner, a plumber or a window fitter, we understand that a wedge needs to be able to fill a variety of roles which is why our Wedgit were designed with many uses in mind, allowing you to level and align a giant range of building components.


Plastic packers and frame packers cover smaller packing, spacing and shimming jobs of all kinds, whereas the versatile Wedge-cap Pedestal system provides widely variable under-floor support whilst retaining fine incremental adjustability. Before consistently formed plastic wedges were available, wedges were cut out of wood, a dimensionally unstable material. By contrast, moulded plastic packers, wedges and pedestals are perfectly at home in wet or dry conditions and wide excursions of ambient temperature. They will not split, shrink, rot or corrode and can be confidently used inside or out.

In addition to the leading Wedgit® range of plastic wedges, pedestals and flexible plastic packers, our custom shim service is available to meet a wide range of requirements providing any size shim within specified limits. Products are supplied by the major builders merchants throughout the UK as well as direct from our facilities in Caerphilly. A convenient on-line shopping facility is also available at www.stadonline.co.uk. For supplies outside of the UK, please contact us for guidance. For technical advice and prices please contact us.

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So if you’re looking for a premium supplier of plastic wedges, plastic shims, joinery or more, you know you’re in the right place. Especially as we’re always happy to provide great advice for any situation that might need a packer, wedge or any of our incredibly high quality Wedgits. Everything is available to buy on our online shop and if you’re unsure about the right type of packer for any of your needs; all you need to do is ask and we’ll always be happy to help you.

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