Packer Shims

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Standard Packers

Flexible packers are non-abrasive and of uniform thickness throughout, having no hollows or voids. They are used as levellers, spacers, cushions, etc., in fact applications are so numerous that it is not possible to list them all. It's the kind of product that is always useful to have available around the job site.


Stack to the required thickness with any of the following:

Sizes (Colours)Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
Tapered*4 to 12594

* Tapered along its short edge

Custom Packers

We offer this service for sizes outside of the standard packer range. Small or large quantities are available.  
Simply contact us or email your size requirements for a quotation. Rectangular profile, solid packers only please. 

Sole-plate Packers a speciality - contact us for details

Sole Plate Packers

Our Sole Plate Packer provides a high density / high load bearing packer specifically for the levelling of soleplates and studs. The Stadon Level Soleplate Packer is of solid, uniform cross-section and is designed to conform with current building regulations.

Soleplate packers can be left in situ after the levelling process or
can be removed after back-filling over DPC. All standard stud sizes are catered for. Please contact us for more details.

High Density Packers

High density (HD) packers are designed for heavy loads such as concrete units, metal girders (RSJ), beams, joists, large window units, etc.  

They have a maximum load capacity of 2.5 ton and are easily stacked having locating spigots so as to resist lateral slippage under the load

A lattice of preformed holes allows for easy fixing if required.

Please refer to the table below for sizes.

Dimensions: 76mm(L) x 47mm(W) x various thicknesses.

Sizes (Colours)Thickness (mm)Width (mm) Length (mm)
Green 2 4776
White 54776
Blue 104776
Black 204776