Our Products

Widgets are not wedgits, but a wedgit might be a widget to the less discerning.

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Interlocking Wedges

Today’s technologies and materials have combined to produce builders wedges of such consistent shape, strength and durability.

Hanger Shims

Hanger shims, frame packers or horse-shoe packers are used for vertical packing behind frames, casings, wallboards, etc.

Packer Shims

Flexible packers are non-abrasive and of uniform thickness throughout. They are used as window packers, spacers, cushions, etc.


Handy assortments of our popular levelling aids, supplied in tough, waterproof, reusable and stackable boxes that are ideal for POS.

Wedge-Cap Pedestal

Wedge-cap is a fully adjustable pedestal using a set of interlocking components. It is ideal for raising and levelling floors and decking.

High Density Packers

High density packers are designed for heavy loads such as concrete units, metal girders (RSJ), beams, joists, large window units, etc.